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What We Do

Single-day events

You can avail of our services on single-day events. These may include marriage, birthdays, reception, parties, and more.

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Construction Sites

Construction sites can be very susceptible to theft or robbery, especially when not guarded properly.

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Parking Enforcements

we offer a week to a 3-month long service for your construction sites or parking, among many others.

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Commercial High-Rise

We also provide our service in case you need help guarding your commercial residences, which include retail stores or shopping malls.

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Why Choose Us

Some of Our Features

Highly-Trained Team

Our team of experienced guards is well-versed in the restrictions and protocols of the current pandemic.

Experienced Staff

Our experienced staff ensures that you receive calibrated security and protection however and whenever you need it.

Competitive Rates

you can also avail of our service at a competitive price too. You'll already get quality services that adhere to your standards

Safety is our prime motto

Among many other things, safety is at the top of our priority list.


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For all these reasons, our security company consistently tries its best to meet our clients' expectations - all without the need to sacrifice the quality nor safety of your employees.